Er schreibt ‘nehmlich’ und ‘vertig’, aber will ne Fanfiction beta lesen?! Ernsthaft???

concert. more under ‘read mroe’ cause i have no idea how long that’s gonna be and i don’t wanna bother anyone with a long post

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10 things that made me happy today

I did this thing with 15 things yesterday but I wanna try to do it more often and think of 10 things that made me happy. 

1) I went for a run this morning. I had to walk for a bit but at least I did go, right?
2) I sat outside in the sun for 45 minutes reading a book.
3) I had a little chat with a friend today.
4) My mom, my sister and I drove over to the Netherlands (it’s only like 15 minutes by car) to get coffee cause it’s cheaper over there. I have a senseo pad machine and they have those bags with 100 pads for… 4 or 5€ I think, so we drive to the Netherlands probably three times a year and always get enough coffee for the whole family ;)
5) I watched 1x01 of OITNB today and I’m gonna watch 1x02 tomorrow.
6) I’m gonna watch soccer now - but we’ll see if that’s gonna make me happy or sad. :P
7) My mom and I are gonna have beer either way :P
8) (why is this so hard) I saw a video for NCIS NOLA (New Orleans) and I was a bit *meh* about the whole thing when I heard about it but now I’m kinda excited.
9) I saw a Castle preview today, a little sneak peek for 7x01.
10) I heard that there’s gonna be a “what if” episode in season 7 of Castle and I love the idea about it and can’t wait to see that.

My internet is so crappy atm it’s so awful, I can’t even go on tumblr cause it’s not working properly. It took me two minutes to open this thing to write a post. Loading my dash is awful. All the gifs take so long to load, it’s awful. So if you were wondering why I’m not really online these days - that’s why.

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15 things that made me happy today

I was tagged by emberfaye, thank you! I think it’s important that we think about that and I’m sure that if we all did this every day, list down five or ten things that made us happy that day, we’d feel a lot happier. 

1) I went home yesterday and this morning I woke up at home and that was really nice.
2) I had a nice breakfast.
3) I finished the stuff I wanted to finish today.
4) I had a nice lunch - Bratwurst with red cabbage and mashed potatoes.
5) I watched Doctor Who while having lunch.
6) The sun was shining today.
7) I talked to a friend for a while.
8) I’m spending the evening with my mom and that’s nice.
9) Talked to my godmother on the phone.
10) I pre-ordered Rose Ave by youplusme today and I can’t wait until Oct 10 when it’s published :)
11) Had a headache this morning but it’s gone, so yay to that.
12) Just read an email from a friend and it made me smile cause it was written in such a cute way.
13) Going to a concert on Friday 
14) On Saturday, I’m going to the soccer stadium with my mom.
15) I’ll hopefully see a friend on Thursday, we haven’t seen each other since… June I think and we got a lot catching up to do :)

Alright, today was pretty uneventful but I still managed to come up with 15 things that made me happy today :)

I’m tagging sirthorin and chasingdown-mydemons because I think it’s important to think about it and be grateful for the things that made you happy, even on bad days. If you can’t come up with 15 things, just do 10 or 5, but do try to think about it and come up with things that made you happy - no matter how small they are :)

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Okay, now a last-minute goal by Thomas Müller pls.

Awww Ribéry is back on the pitch :’) Also, I still need Müller to score his birthday goal. And I hope Badstuber isn’t too badly injured. At the same time I’m glad that Gaudino is playing cause I got high hopes in him :)

9,352 words, 26 pages. I’ll have to write a bit more on a chapter tomorrow and write the introduction and conclusion. Let’s say I write a page/500 words for the introduction and the conclusion, I’d be at ~10,500 words and ~28 pages and that should do it. 

ugh brain come on get a grip and start working properly

as of now (uuuh, Try started playing on the radio, yay)

8,317 words (out of ~10,000)

23 pages (out of ~30)

There’s a 10% .. whatever (can’t find the word), so I’d have to get 9,000-11,000 words and/or 27-33 pages. The words shouldn’t be that much of an issue. And I hope I can get to 27 pages just to be in the range. But I should get there.

Two days until I’m going home for a week, eeeek :) I’m so excited to go home, I’ve been way too lonely the past month, it’s really awful when you have no reason at all to leave the house. For.. six weeks or something. But I’m going home on Monday if all goes well. Biggest motivation to write this stupid chapter and fill those stupid pages. 


I love that Castle still has his “Captain Castle” sign from the 70s case on his desk.

I love how they’re all so busy with the wedding preparations.

lol Beckett is married now that’s new

aaaand of course the dude won’t sign the papers right away but make her do something first. This just couldn’t go the easy way, could it. Aaaand now he got abducted. Really???????

"I’m fine" omg I’m laughing too hard

Why can’t this just go smoothly, just once, without any issues, without too much trouble. 

And NOW Beckett’s dress is ruined. Of course there was a pipe burst in the apartment above hers. Wow that dress is a mess. Now that explains why she’s wearing a different dress from the one that was given to her in all the gifsets I saw. But… honestly, the ruined dress wasn’t exactly hers. It wasn’t that pretty, I didn’t really like it. THe new one looked way better.

Okay, let’s do a little recap, shall we. They lost their venue cause it was ruined, so they had to schedule the wedding to another place. Beckett’s dress is ruined. Beckett is in fact married to a guy and she needs him to sign some papers so that she can get married - buuuut of course the guy is in big trouble and is abducted. All that happening two or three days before the wedding. Well, could be worse and I’m sure it’s gonna get worse.

"We want a happy ending, we can’t give up" that scene was super sweet

Oh my God the venue is gorgeous. Right by the lake, it’s so gorgeous and beautiful. Just get married already please.

7 minutes left and still no wedding in sight.

Wow he signed the papers. They didn’t lose them on the way. Or maybe that’s yet to come, wno knows.

lol and now he told his girlfriend that his wife passed away. Now that’s a good basis for your relationship, that lie. Way to go.

4.5 minutes left and I hear wedding music. Yes. (though I know it’s not coming to a wedding)

omg Beckett looks so beautiful :’) and it’s her mother’s dress omg this is too gorgeous

and how beautiful is it that Martha gave her the earrings that have such a tradition and meaning to her :’)

Uhoh, there’s trouble again. Shiit.

No. no. nooope. No. Burning car. Castle’s car. Beckett in her wedding dress, seeing the car. Nooope.

Now, how do you expect me to wait another 17 days for the next episode. I’m so sorry for those that have been waiting since May already. 

Just.. no.

oh my god did they really???