I wanna go abroad. I wanna live in a different country for a couple of months. I wanna meet new people, discover a new country, a new culture, experience the ups and downs of that adventure. Ugh. I really need to find a way to fit a stay abroad into my “career”.

"I was just doing Chandler’s side of the conversation… You know.. ‘How do I look?’ ‘Great. Could I BE any more turned on" I’M CRYING

The One With Rachel’s Other Sister

The episode was hilarious, I was crying.

I loved it when Monica and Chandler were sitting in the hallway talking about Chandler being a father. 

I loved it when Ross and Rachel said they’d want Monica and Chandler to raise Emma if anything happened to them.

I loved it when Chandler mentioned they had been trying to have a baby.

I loved it when Rachel and Amy were fighting and Chandler made them stop and apologize to Monica for breaking the plate as well as apologize to each other. Just a little moment where you realized that he’s gonna be a great father and he can be serious and firm when he needs to :’)

Ugh my neighbor’s phone keeps ringing but she’s not there. And the person calling her keeps on calling even though that person should’ve realized by now that my neighbor isn’t home. And I can hear her phone ring and it’s so annoying and driving me crazy. 

The other day in Math we learned that it’s smarter to buy a 30cm pizza than a 20cm pizza because the 30cm has more than twice as much surface than the 20cm because of [insert super smart mathematical proof here]. And that was one of the smartest things I ever learned in Math.

why can’t I print this jfc it’s a pdf why won’t you let me print you what’s wrong with you jfc

My mom just called and asked how I was doing and I just said “It’s ten days until my math exam, what do you think” and someone please shoot me I doN’t wanna take this freaking exam, I don’t even study math ffs.

I had such a wonderful dream last night. I dreamed that I met P!nk. I was at some kind of festival, there were a lot of people, it was indoors, we were sitting at tables and drinking a bit, chatting and stuff. And then there was P!nk. I was opposite of her, someone was next to her talking to her and I just asked her if I could take a picture with her. She agreed and got up and walked around the table, sat down next to me and we took a picture. Somehow, my phone had issues and it wouldn’t show my picture but then after I while I got it and made it work. And then there was the picture. Of me with P!nk. She looked a bit silly, her hair was brown (I don’t know why) but it was so perfect. And then I woke up.

lol jfc skin/face you gotta be kidding me. I had an awful pimple by my lip and now that it’s almost gone, there’s another one coming by the other side of my lip. I’m 24 for fuck’s sake, shouldn’t that be over by now.

lol at least we scored the prettier goals

Why is that period thing so annoying and painful and uncomfortable and everything. Couldn’t nature think of anything else. Something shorter, easier, less painful, ugh. I’m dying over here.

lol what kind of goal was that omg

Have to go to work in a bit. I’m so glad the weather is kinda crappy today. Because then it doesn’t really matter that we’re gonna stay indoors the whole time. Thanks, weather, this time I really don’t mind that it’s gray and rainy and icky out.

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I tried to call, no one answered, oh well I guess they’re just not home. Maybe I should try again at around 7 and if no one answers THEN… well, I don’t know then.