Just looked at pictures from summer 2012 when M and I visited P in Mexico (she lives there). I miss these two so much. I wish we lived closer to each other so that we could see each other on a regular basis and not just every two years or so.. On the other hand I’m so thankful for their friendship and the awesome year we spent together. I’m so glad I met them and that I know them. I love them so much and they love me. I just wish we weren’t seperated by a bunch of countries and a whole ocean. I wish it wasn’t that expensive to travel to Mexico and I wish it didn’t take ~15-20 hours (I don’t mind traveling for that long but it’s not possible to see her for a weekend when one trip takes a whole day). 

Just watched 9x16 How your mother met me (also the 200th episode) and it made me laugh and cry and it was wonderful and I wish the finale had been somewhat similar to this. I love how all the loose ends tied up. How all the times Ted and the Mother almost met were shown from the Mother’s perspective. How we saw what she went through. There were a bunch of moments that made me go “Awww” cause they were so wonderful. The yellow umbrella moments. The shellfish joke. And a bunch of others. It was so wonderful. And that made me wonder even more how they could even think of writing such a crappy finale. How can they write brilliant seasons with brilliant episodes and development and progress and everything, only to destroy it all within 40 minutes? I just don’t get that.

Anyway, I liked the episode. I’m gonna reblog a bunch of gifsets now, be warned. I was smiling so hard during the opening theme which had pictures of the Mother and her friends. And then I got really sad when her boyfriend/fiance/husband died. This show makes me go from super happy to super sad within two minutes. 


The slap in slowmotion. Suspenseful music. Dramatic as fuck. Their faces. I’m crying. THEIR FACES.

Oh my God,t he first 25 seconds… CLASSIC. Need I say more?

9x13 “And that’s how Marshall met your mother”

omg I love these two together. The Mother is great. She’s awesome, I love her so much. Even more than I expected to do. Oh, and I just noticed she’s wearing gloves while driving. Remember Ted who said that he’d have to wear gloves while driving cause 99.9% of the accidents were caused by people not wearing gloves? And now the mother is wearing gloves, too. They are perfect for each other. 

"I’m gonna miss you" "I’m gonna miss you so much" No, no, no, I’m crying. Stop this right now. NO.

"Pause?" "Pause" 

"Thank you, Linus."

Ted got a drink from the mother. He didn’t know it was from her. She didn’t know it was him.


I’m not able to say more cause I’m getting sad cause it’s coming to an end. We’re getting prepared for the ending, they’re reminding us that Lily and Marshall will be going to Italy and that Ted will be going to Chicago. It’s only gonna be Robin and Barney. The gang won’t exist anymore. At least not like it does now. It’s coming to an end and that’s sad. And it’s even more sad that the ending sucked big time. 

"I should watch the 50th again". What the fuck did I just think. I’m confused.

I’m so excited cause we’re gonna visit our relatives for a couple of days and my sister’s boyfriend is coming along. They’ve been dating for almost two years (never mind that my sister is almost 18 and I’m 24 and she’s been in a relationship for two years and I haven’t been in a single one). And he’s gonna meet the family for the very first time (or this side of the family). This must be so exciting for my sister. But it’s also exciting for me, I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna like him and how he’s gonna like them. And everything.


Setting up a queue cause I won’t be online from Wednesday to Monday. I’ll be with my relatives and I’ll only have internet on my phone - and I really can’t be bothered with the Tumblr app ;) So I’ll answer any messages on Monday and until then, my queue will be running.


"So I brought Canada to you"

Oh my God that whole thing was so darn cute. I had tears in my eyes. So beautiful :’)

Setting up a queue cause I won’t be online from Wednesday to Monday. I’ll be with my relatives and I’ll only have internet on my phone - and I really can’t be bothered with the Tumblr app ;) So I’ll answer any messages on Monday and until then, my queue will be running.

Netflix might finally come to Germany this fall. Omg that would be perfect, please let it happen

watching 9x11

I’m crying. They used children’s song’s tunes (whatever) for the opening theme. I’m crying.

6 minutes in and they are only speaking in rhymes. Baby Marvin is too adorable.

Okay, I’m done. The whole episode was in rhymes. Great idea and pretty funny sometimes when they just had to squeeze in a rhyming word. And I guess that was my bedtime story too - night night and a wonderful sleep to you. 

3 x 3 = 12. I should try again. That’s not how I’m gonna pass my math exam this semester…

I’d love to spend some time abroad in a poor country and work there as a teacher, teach the kids, do some activities with them and everything. Maybe in some country in Africa or whatever. Just a poor country where help is needed. But all the agencies I found are super expensive. Like, 900€ for a month. Plus flights. Plus, I wouldn’t get any money for my work but I’d have to pay for my food and everything else I’d need. This is ridiculous. I don’t expect to be payed, I’d love to do it for free. I’d love to help. But 900€ for four weeks??? And the flight tickets??? And food and everything??? THE FUCK? I wanna help, this is ridiculous. I can’t afford that. I shouldn’t have to pay that much to some agency. Jfc it’s ridiculous.




Also, Marshall was too cute when he drove Daphne to her daughter’s performance :’) “Kids care about who’s there” Now just get to Farhampton already - you’ve been seperated from Lily for ten episodes already, I need you two together again.

Bless the Jisbon shippers that tag the Jisbon posts they reblog with “Jisbon”.