…and they still are friends today (:

Full House - Favorite Episodes

8x19 - Taking the Plunge

This episode is hilarious omfg. I think it might actually belong to my five favorite Full House episodes. It’s so funny and hilarious. Only if you like Kimmy, though, cause the episode is basically about her.

We meet Duane (whatever), Kimmy’s “boyfriend”. She didn’t get into college (DJ ‘only’ made it into Berkley and not Stanford as she was hoping) so she decides to marry Duane. They head off to a random city where they wanna get married in a wedding chapel. Or, Kimmy wants to get married - Duane is literally like ‘whatever’. When DJ finds out about it, she wants to stop her, so she and Nelson head off to that city. DJ writes a note to her family saying “Kimmy’s getting married, going to whatever-city with Nelson, love, DJ” but Comet kind of eats the note, so only “getting married Nelson Love DJ” is left. Of course, her family assumes that DJ is getting married, so they’re all worried and head off to that city as well.

Meanwhile, Kimmy is at the wedding chapel and they picked a “Friday the 13th”-themed-wedding. It’s hilarious :D The “priest” got a chainsaw, the woman at the piano got a rope around her neck, Kimmy got an axe in her head and everybody is covered in blood. It’s hilarious.

So yeah, DJ gets there in time but can’t stop her. Then, Jesse and Danny arrive and they somehow manage to stop Kimmy. 

Okay, this episode is way more hilarious than it seems. Kimmy is hilarioous, there’s some awesome scenes between her and DJ and her and Jesse and her and everybody. Like - at the chapel, Danny reads out some notes that he wrote to stop DJ from getting married. He reads them out to Kimmy but of course they’re written in a way to fit DJ. So Jesse is supposed to translate them. “We’ve always loved you” “We.. we.. we… tried to tolerate you as best as we could” and stuff like that. It’s hilarious. Or - Kimmy tried to get into college and sent them 20$ and they’re answer was “Let’s pretend this never happened” along with 40$ :D God this episode is just so hilarious. If you like Kimmy, I swear you’re gonna love this episode.


Full House - Kimmy Gibbler

Always LUV that.

Yeah, I’m a cheese ball… but you tell me often how much it warms your heart knowing Kimmy and D.J.’s friendship lives on. That even though it was a T.V. show, there’s something comforting about knowing that the young girls you grew up with, that entered your living rooms through a television set each week, are still doing life together. 26 years after Andrea and I first met on set, we’re still hanging out, sharing stories, swapping secrets and even getting muddy together on purpose!” - Candace Cameron Bure

"Horoscope? What’s that, Kimmy? A telescope that can only see YOUR face?!"

30 Day Full House Challenge: Day 23

23. Just for fun, post a terrible Kimmy face.

I love this one :)

30 Day Full House Challenge: Day 13

13. Favorite Kimmy Gibbler moment?

There’s lots of them! I love whenever there’s a scene with her and you’re like “OMG, Kimmy is so dumb” - and there’s plenty of those scenes. She’s very funny and I really liked her character.

This one, for example:


(It’s a gifset I made)

Full House - Kimmy Gibbler