…and they still are friends today (:

Yeah, I’m a cheese ball… but you tell me often how much it warms your heart knowing Kimmy and D.J.’s friendship lives on. That even though it was a T.V. show, there’s something comforting about knowing that the young girls you grew up with, that entered your living rooms through a television set each week, are still doing life together. 26 years after Andrea and I first met on set, we’re still hanging out, sharing stories, swapping secrets and even getting muddy together on purpose!” - Candace Cameron Bure

Full House - Final Curtain Call

"Horoscope? What’s that, Kimmy? A telescope that can only see YOUR face?!"

30 Day Full House Challenge: Day 13

13. Favorite Kimmy Gibbler moment?

There’s lots of them! I love whenever there’s a scene with her and you’re like “OMG, Kimmy is so dumb” - and there’s plenty of those scenes. She’s very funny and I really liked her character.

This one, for example:


(It’s a gifset I made)

Full House - Kimmy Gibbler